Motor Starting And Control Resistors

Motor Starting And Control Resistors

Areas Of Usage

- Overhead cranes
- Lift trucks
- Machine tools
- Conveyors
- Cement Plants
- Industrial Controls
- Steel Mills
- Ships and Submarines


- Designed and tested to applicable IEC and IEEE Standards
- Designed for all wound motor, squirrel cage motor and induction motors
- Durable construction
- Stainless steel grid or resistance alloy elements
- High performance in heavily polluted areas


- AC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Resistors
- Crane control resistors
- Starting Resistors
- Speed Control Resistors

Selection Details

- Application
- Power of motor
- Rotor current
- Rotor voltage
- Starting Torque
- Number of speeds
- Desired starting time (seconds)
- Duty Cycle